Koreatown Exclusive

We're more than just parking, we're K-Parking.

Living in Koreatown shouldn't have any downsides.
Membership for you, family, guests, neighbors and anyone.

Koreatown was built before parking minimums and now that it's the highest density neighborhood in LA. Parking will always be an issue if a smart solution isn't implemented. It's why we decided to start a parking business that's exclusive to Koreatown for our neighbors to serve the community.


There are many locations within Koreatown. Apply for a parking to get access to a parking space in a nearby lot from you.


When you are going around the neighborhood use our shuttle. This shuttle is only available for Koreatown within Koreatown.


Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about laundry, delivery, maintenance, water and other things in life? Well, we cover various common things within Koreatown.

Select memberships or services

Customize what you need or want

Parking Pass

Daily, weekly, monthly or a custom duration. We have a pass so you can reserve the time you need and the amount of space.

Car Wash Pass

There are many options to get a car wash. We make sure you get the best options within Koreatown.

Shuttle Pass

When you are going around within Koreatown, take a local shuttle. Shop, eat, play, travel and everything else.

Community Pass

Plenty of things are going on within the community. Stay up to date with our community portal where all neighbors talk.

Transporation Pass

When you want to get places in Koreatown this will get you there. Schedule your transporation from train, bus, car and more.

Guest Pass

Let someone else use your parking space with a guest pass. Daily pass can also be purchased instead.

Maintenance Pass

Vehicles need proper care, it's why we decided to make it a simple process. Manage, handle and view reports within the app.

Partner Pass

When we know what the community needs we will create partnerships to empower the community or individuallys.

Parking Switch

It sucks parking far away that's why we have a service for that. Schedule a parking switch so you don't walk to far.

Getting Started

Simple Process


We focus on the neighbors first. If you are just visiting then members can request a guest pass.


You can customize what you want whether it's just water delivery or all the services we have.


We currently have a reservation system to ensure everyone gets services without delays.

It usually takes me more than 20 minutes to find parking. The worst time was about 3 hours finding parking, maybe it was my luck.

Mary L.

Parking issues since 2011

I have a late shift as a nurse so coming back home at 2am is the worst nightmare. I use to have parking in our building until management revoked it for no reason.

Stephanie G.

Parking issues since 2013

It sucks having to pay for parking when going to work but when you live in a neighborhood with little parking it's an everyday dilemma.

Carlos M.

Parking issues since 2007

Hello Neighbor

We only focus on improvements within Koreatown through a community input program.

Honest Pricing

Simple & honest pricing. No hidden fees.



Monthly Parking

Neighborhood Watch

OBD Code Check

24/7 Access



Including Previous

Shuttle Pass

Guest Pass

Request Pass



Including Previous

Private Shuttle

Transporation Pass

Koreatown Pass

We require everyone to have a valid driver license & insurance for safety and assurance. Addtionally you must be within our local service area.

Shuttles are available in seats from 2 to 40+ when properly scheduled.

Yes, goverment issued ID with current residence required.

We're are currently expanding roles. We often send information via social media channels and email newsletter. We currently are doing referral basis first.

Parking Protection

We require check in & out process to ensure protection of all property and CCTV.